NYCE Dyemask 150ML NYCE Dyemask 150ML
NYCE Dyemask 150ML NYCE Dyemask 150ML

Dyemask 150ML

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Dyemask 150 ML

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Restructuring and coloring mask

Use it to maintain your color, give a fresh boost and make the shine optimal again. Play with multiple colors without being stuck to it. This color conditioner contains many intensive color pigments, as a result of which the hair is temporarily colored. Create pastel shades or vintage hairstyles that last approximately 3 to 6 washes.

The possibilities are endless because you can also mix the masks together. Perfect for when you want something different with your hair but do not want to get stuck with it. Ideal for between color runs.

Only works on colored hair.







1.Conditioner and reconstruction mask

2. Two services 1 product

3.Nycecare complex. A mix of active natural ingredients

(papaya, shea butter, suikerriet and jojoba)

4.Ideal to keep highlights optimal.

5.Makes the color more intensive with repeated use

6.Ideal to pre-pigment

7. Light natural colors.

8. Carries 3/5 washes.

9.11 colors for different results of intensity and highlights.



Available 150 and 500 ml



For a more intensive coloring, we recommend applying it to dry hair. After washing the hair, this can also be done on towel-dried hair, but it will work less intensively. Pay attention! In case of fragile and broken hair, always rinse with shampoo! Normally only rinse the conditioner alone. Allow the mask to retract for 5 to 25 minutes. This depends on what you want to create and what intensity you desire.

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