NYCE Create ...... Fiber paste NYCE Create ...... Fiber paste
NYCE Create ...... Fiber paste NYCE Create ...... Fiber paste

Create ...... Fiber paste

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Shaping, modeling, boosting the volume or creating an unkempt effect. These are just a few results of pronounced looks with character. The products of the community CREATE give strength to brand new styles and only need the imagination of the stylist!

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CREATE ......


Fibrous modeling paste that gives new structure to the hair. The special pasta texture, enriched with polymers and brand new resins, keeps the hair in perfect shape. This is the Design look, malleable and with a lot of volume. Ideal for destructured effects with personality.





Fine hair that needs volume and strength.


Apply a small amount to your hands and rub it a little warm. Create a sharp texture with sophisticated details.


Here we talk about the sensuality and the golden warmth of the Amber that is expertly won on the Siberian plains. The Micropoeders complex keeps the natural moisture balance of the scalp in balance and strengthens the hair from the roots to the points. A classic but renewed ritual that envelops your sense of smell.


Mirrehars is a fragrant gum resin that is extracted in the Middle East and parts of Africa. The princely and elegant art of winning Mirre melts with modern science. Naturally rich in polysaccharides and active anti-inflammatory substances, Mirre is used in various treatments in the form of oil balm. The raw resin is processed by means of steam distillation, this means the sensory properties are fully maintained.

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