NYCE I want ....... Illuminate light oil NYCE I want ....... Illuminate light oil
NYCE I want ....... Illuminate light oil NYCE I want ....... Illuminate light oil

I want ....... Illuminate light oil

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Shape, Volume, Gloss! The products of the community I WANT are the perfect instruments for every look. Styling or finishing, anyway, a MUST for every stylist.

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Dry ultra-light oil that is immediately absorbed, for instant shine. The exclusive formula nourishes the hair and smoothes it, thanks to the synergy of innovative silicone. To stimulate every style and to refresh every type of hair. A higher protection against pollution thanks to the UrbanShelter complex.


Light up the hair immediately.

Softens the lengths and smoothes the hair.


All hair types


On wet hair, spray a little on the hand and massage into the hair. It shortens the drying time and makes the hair heat resistant, guarantees shine and a luminous effect.

On dry hair, spray and massage through the hair until it is completely absorbed. Apply before and after using the flat iron.


Here we talk about the sensuality and the golden warmth of the Amber that is expertly won on the Siberian plains. The Micropoeders complex keeps the natural moisture balance of the scalp in balance and strengthens the hair from the roots to the points. A classic but renewed ritual that envelops your sense of smell.


Mirrehars is a fragrant gum resin that is extracted in the Middle East and parts of Africa. The princely and elegant art of winning Mirre melts with modern science. Naturally rich in polysaccharides and active anti-inflammatory substances, Mirre is used in various treatments in the form of oil balm. The raw resin is processed by means of steam distillation, this means the sensory properties are fully maintained.


Smog and fine dust particles can test the health of skin and hair. We are exposed daily to environmental pollution and other factors that cause oxidative stress such as UV rays, cigarette smoke and ozone.

A problem that not only occurs in the big cities, but pollution is all around us, which causes us a lot of trouble. The harmful substances attach themselves to the hair and can be absorbed, with the result that the hair becomes dull and matt.

NYCE UrbanShelter, a new threefold complex that protects hair from environmental pollution, electromagnetic pollution and blue light, prevents the pollutants from attaching and affecting the structure of the hair by catching them externally. Better and more durable protection for hair and skin.

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