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Experience, innovation, and creativity are the origin of a unique styling.

The Nyce laboratory developed an innovative solution to get the most out of a product.


BE TRUE is the right combination of plant extracts and oils that protect the hair to shine and moisturize.

This replaces silicone and petro derivatives, for a long shelf life and beautiful hair.


Active substances in the BE TRUE.


ARGAN OIL: Antioxidant that protects hair from external influences.

COTTON OIL: Rich in fatty acids, which nourishes hair and shine.

SUNFLOWER OIL: Powerful antioxidant, thanks to the vitamin E concentration,

Become the natural aging process of the cells slows down.

PYGEUM and SERENOA: Cortex oil and African fruit extract stimulates cell function.

SORBITOL: Sugar coating gives the hair a protective layer.

The hair is silky smooth, hydrated and makes hair stronger.

SODIUM CHLORIDE: Sea salt gives the hair a natural look and a long shelf life.

RED FRUITS MIX: Plant and vitamin complex gives it hair suppleness, strengthens and improves hair quality.


Spray with beach look effect before and after fohnen.


A slightly firming hair spray with matt effect.

Ideal for bringing structure and body into the hair.

The salts give the hair the firmness, as if you were just

coming from the beach.

Let the hair feel firm and with a matt effect.

Mainly for short and half long hair



When applying: Before or after fohnen.

Instructions for use : Shake before use. Spray the hair

in towel dry hair and bring the hair into desired model.

For more firmness and more volume to use as a finishing touch.


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