NYCE Create ...... Volume sea-water spray NYCE Create ...... Volume sea-water spray
NYCE Create ...... Volume sea-water spray NYCE Create ...... Volume sea-water spray

Create ...... Volume sea-water spray

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Shaping, modeling, boosting the volume or creating an unkempt effect. These are just a few results of pronounced looks with character. The products of the community CREATE give strength to brand new styles and only need the imagination of the stylist!

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CREATE ......


Texture imparting water spray with a mixture of salt and sugar, for a salty effect that shows firmness and volume. The formula, enriched with water-soluble polymers that are able to form a thin protective layer, support the hair with the necessary firmness, without damaging the fiber. Ideal for creating significantly more volume. But certainly also suitable for fine hair and uncombed hairstyles that require a nonchalant beach effect. More protection against pollution thanks to the UrbanShelter complex.


Provides a lot of volume and structure in the hair.


Fine, thin and limp hair.


For an extreme volume effect, apply on the onset of wet hair. Also apply to dry hair and model with your hands to the desired effect and to preserve it. Then continue with a brush and hair dryer or a diffuser.


Smog and fine dust particles can test the health of skin and hair. We are exposed daily to environmental pollution and other factors that cause oxidative stress such as UV rays, cigarette smoke and ozone.

A problem that not only occurs in the big cities, but pollution is all around us, which causes us a lot of trouble. The harmful substances attach themselves to the hair and can be absorbed, with the result that the hair becomes dull and matt.

NYCE UrbanShelter, a new threefold complex that protects hair from environmental pollution, electromagnetic pollution and blue light, prevents the pollutants from attaching and affecting the structure of the hair by catching them externally. Better and more durable protection for hair and skin.

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